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Tax planning

Tax planning

Financial transactions inevitably involve tax-related issues. Whether it’s through a real-estate transaction (purchase or sale), when splitting income at retirement, or when settling an estate, tax optimization is of the essence. We support our clients by answering their tax-related questions and we guide them towards specialists when the situation calls for it.

Questions to Ask

Here are some of the questions which could be answered through some tax planning work:

  • What are the best practices for minimizing my tax bill?
  • What are the tax implications of selling an asset?
  • What will be the tax implications upon my death?
  • Should I incorporate or remain self-employed?
  • Should I compensate myself through dividends or salary?
  • Does my corporate structure meet my needs?
  • How can I optimize my after-tax returns from my investments?
  • Are there ways for my estate to minimize the tax bill after my death?
  • How can income splitting help me lower my tax bill?
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