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Comprehensive and integrated approach

Our mission is to help our clients manage their wealth in order to reach their goals by offering the best financial, legal and taxation advice from the moment they start accumulating capital to when they pass on their estate to their heirs. Our multidisciplinary team takes a highly integrated approach.  In other words, we are involved in all aspects of our clients’ wealth management. If needed, we have access to internal experts from National Bank Financial. As shown below, we have a 360-degree view of all your financial needs and objectives.

We’re by your side for the long term

We work together as a team for all our clients. Our team makes decisions together, not independently. The seasoned advisors on our team have many years of experience and complementary expertise. The presence of younger advisors ensures continuity in servicing you with the same level of service and expertise.

Active discretionary management

Because we are passionate about financial markets, we put together private portfolios based on the principles of diversification, risk management and optimizing the risk-return relationship. We usually don’t delegate asset management to other firms or managers. We prefer to actively manage asset allocation (fixed income, equities, alternative investments) and individual securities. We have a value bias, meaning we look for situations where the risk-return relationship is optimized. In addition, the size of the assets we manage allows for our clients to enjoy economies of scale. This proprietary integrated management style offers flexibility and tax optimization.

Diligence and transparency

We’re upfront about the makeup of our portfolios. Our clients know exactly what securities they hold. Our pricing is also fully transparent and based on the family’s assets under management with our team.

We regularly follow up with clients to obtain updated information on their financial situation, discuss financial markets and answer their questions about optimizing their wealth.

Our services

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