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Financial security

Most of our clients have private insurance.  With the expertise and support of our security advisor colleagues at National Bank Insurance, we validate  if our customers current insurance coverage suits their needs.  In other words, we discuss how risks can be properly covered.  If additional coverage is required, we work with our insurance expert team to offer independent customized solutions.

Some questions to ask yourself:

Here are some questions an analysis of your insurance coverage would answer:

  • What would be the financial consequences for my loved ones were I to die unexpectedly?
  • If I become disabled and can no longer work, what will be the financial impact on my loved ones? 
  • Is my wealth adequately protected against risk?  Do I have too much or too little insurance coverage?
  • Should I stop paying my premiums and cash out the cash surrender value of my policy?
  • Do I need a protection mandate?
  • If so, who should I appoint as a mandatary to look after my wellbeing and manage my assets?
  • Do I need a general power of attorney?
  • Do I need a shareholder agreement?
  • Do I need extra coverage against illnesses or accidents?
  • Are my loans covered in the event of disability or critical illness through my lending institution and if not, is it necessary?

Insurance products and services are provided by National Bank Insurance Firm Inc. (NBIF) or FBN Financial Services (FFS), as applicable. NBIF and FFS are not members of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). Insurance products are not protected by the CIPF.

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